Enterprise Architecture for agility in today’s market

Enterprise Architecture

The world today is changing fast. In a matter of hours ideas are born; in a matter of days new markets and competition emerge and businesses realize their need to grow, change and adapt. Non-profit organizations deal with regulative and legislative changes coming form the offices of commissions and agencies. For-profits have to stay competitive with their products and services in a market defined by change, mobility, and instant information availability.

Firms that have already engaged in architecting their enterprise are now starting to discover the benefits and competitive advantage that Enterprise Architecture provides. Irrespective of their size, properly architected enterprises can plan change, and can quickly discover gaps in their core value chains and business capabilities.

Architecting an enterprise, whether the scope is a product line, business unit, or the entire organization is a learning and diagnostic process. As deliverables, organizations have access to architecture viewpoints for all levels of stakeholders – leadership, management, and operations staff.

Viewpoints for leadership provide an executive-level view of the enterprise, its core value-chains, high-level business processes and dependencies.  Such view provides an overall picture that can be used to place a new idea in context, determine execution requirements, perform gap and impact analysis. Ultimately, it allows quantifying the cost of change.

Management and operations staff benefit from more granular viewpoints of the enterprise. From high-level business processes down to UML and BPMN diagrams, an Enterprise Architecture Repository would be one of the first references used in planning and execution phases of projects.

We believe that the Enterprise Architecture development cannot and should not be outsourced. This process and its artifacts will allow you to remain agile and competitive and will be as precious as your know-how and business model. We would like to help you establish the foundations of a successful Enterprise Architecture practice, guide you through initial phases of the EA development and rollout, and create a roadmap for your organization towards a successful ongoing EA operation.

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