Mobile Solutions for Small and Medium Businesses

Mobile Development

When the first mobile phones became popular in the ‘70s and ‘80s they were just this – mobile devices to make calls. Today people are almost wired into their phones. They are used to check email, access business systems, browse the Internet, and enjoy multimedia content, social networking and entertainment applications. Today’s smartphones are small, lightweight sophisticated computers with access to global and private networks. And most importantly, they are always in the hands of your customers.

Capitol SSG specializes in software development for Android and iOS devices. We build applications that can be stand-alone, web browser-based, client-only, supported by server-side logic, or integrated with your existing systems. From addictive games, to mobile e-commerce, only you set the limit.
We can help you with many types of mobile systems:

  • Marketing Applications
  • E-Commerce Applications and catalogs
  • Platform Games with in-game purchases
  • Business and productivity apps

With any of the systems developed by us, you also receive full training and optional ongoing support for improvements and updates.

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